Destiny Daughter's Outreach Ministry - "I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord"
              WHAT ARE YOUR  ISSUES?
Women of all ages, sizes and colors are hurting all across our nation, looking for comfort and answers in all the wrong places. These places have even convinced some of them to take their own lives as well as others. Daughter, there is hope! There is a positive answer to all of our life's issues, issues we must face as we pursue our life's destiny.
Destiny Daughters, Inc. is a support & referral counseling service for women, meeting once a month for the purpose of equipping and developing young & adult women of all ethnicities. We will  use mentorship, fellowship, and the ministry of God’s Word to make a difference in the lives of the women being touched. This program will help create a positive outlook as they face life's issues.
Destiny Daughters, Inc. will offer services such as: of , workshops, seminars, , programs & creativity, and also  for women to get involved.      
THERE is a Reason!!!!!!
                   THERE is an Answer!!!!!!!!
                                     THERE is Hope!!!!!!

The Clark Sisters
Is My Livng In Vain
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